Colorado Rock Gardens

Rock gardens allow for great variety of color, texture and appeal. In Alpine areas with unusual slopes, crevices and high altitudes, rock gardens can be the right mix of low maintenance plants and pops of color inlaid among beautiful mountainous rocks for a gorgeous and enjoyable outdoor living space.
Let’s explore some options for unique Colorado rock gardens.

Alpines need proper drainage and space for their extensive root systems to reach out for water. Most adapt to survive extreme temperatures found at tree lines, thus low maintenance. Perennials are commonly used in Colorado rock garden along with moss rock. Keeping the same rock type but varying the sizes makes for suitable rock gardens. One should one plan for a garden size no larger than what is is easily maintainable for you.

It seems enormous variety in plants for Colorado rock gardens are available. According to J.E. Klett, Colorado State University Extension horticulture specialist and professor, in horticulture and landscape architecture, plants and flowers that are “natural clumpers” are generally preferred. Also look for plant hardiness to 8,000 feet. Allyssum, Sedum and Zinnias are some good options. Consider color, height and which plants are likely to spread before planting. Recommendations or lists of rock plants are available from your local nursery or local landscape designer are also highly suggested.

Themes can be common in the rock garden world such as rustic and woodsy to Asian or Gothic. Picking one that fits an interest or passion of yours can reflect your personality and charm.

Since the options are endless, making a plan that fits your budget, available space and time limits for maintenance are key to any great Colorado rock garden.