Top Landscaping Selections Every Denver Home Needs

Ah, Denver, a topnotch place to visit for its mesmerizing scenery. It comes as no surprise that many come to tour the area specifically for sightseeing purposes. After all, Denver is packed with a landscape incomparable to any other part of the world. As a visitor, it’s recommended to tour both the Echo Lake and Mount Evans. Echo Lake is a scenic park in close proximity to the towering Mount Evans. When the azure waters of the Echo Lake glisten from the Colorado sun as you walk down its rocky yet comfortable trail, you will understand why the natural beauty of the state is worth the experience alone.

For you all of you lucky residents of Denver, seeing this fantastic part of the country is simply a few footsteps or a car ride away. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have the stunning scenery of Denver directly outside of your home, especially now that fall is approaching.

No matter what style your Colorado home is, landscaping in Denver is a fabulous way to bring beauty to your doorstep. If you are having trouble with ideas, here are a few ways to accentuate your Denver home while enjoying the fall festivities and autumn activities.

What better way is there to spend time outdoors in Denver than by a warm fire?

Gather your friends and family around, because when the fall foliage has darkened due to the setting sun and you’re still in the mood to stay outside, this bluestone patio along with a fire pit will prove to be the perfect way to continue your day with loved ones. Bluestone patios will add a touch of elegance to your backyard and they require minimal maintenance, which means there will be less cleaning on your part once the party’s over. The fire pit will be the center of attention since it’ll provide the warmth your company needs and the heat you’ll need to roast those soft and fluffy marshmallows on a cold October night.

2. Waterfalls

What a wonderful waterfall in front of a combination of ravishing reds and golden crisp leaves.

Bring the essence of the Echo Lake to your home with a sophisticated and detailed water fountain. In fact, if you have already fallen in love with the bluestone patio and fire pit idea mentioned above, you could sit and relax while listening to the calming waters of your latest home décor fountain (or simply admire the view!) As a bonus, the fall foliage will serve as the perfect backdrop for your brand-new and captivating backyard fountain.

3. Walkways and outdoor lighting systems

Follow the concrete walkway to a kaleidoscope of vivid fall hues.

Landscaping in Denver can always benefit from some outdoor lighting for your walkways, pillars, and water fountains to show off these additions once the sun goes down. They work extraordinarily well for all facets of your backyard. For that one unique outdoor Denver addition, consider a walkway of lush greenery and shrubberies—it will serve well for each season and accompanying lighting systems will lead the way. With lighting systems, you can take a scenic walk during anytime of the day, whether it is twelve in the afternoon or midnight.

This fall, consider landscaping ideas for your Denver, Colorado home. In such a beautiful place with stunning mountains, crystal clear lakes, and winding trails, why not bring a little piece of them to your doorstep with an eye-catching landscape design for your very own home.