BROWNE AND ASSOCIATES is a full service landscape design and construction firm

We have been in business since 1999, but our team has been creating custom landscapes since long before that. With decades of experience designing landscapes and watching them grow, we understand how to build a landscape that looks great after completion, and continues to look even more phenominal as it matures. Our experience and creativity are the catalyst to transform your yard from a typical outdoor space to an inviting respite to enjoy with family friends.

The B&A Difference

Quality, creativity and excellent design are the foundation of what we do.

Classic Designs

Whether your style is modern or traditional, we pride ourselves in creating landscapes that stand the test of time. This is the value of a firm with a solid history, we know how to create spaces that become better with age, instead of dated over time.

Quality Craftsmanship

Our long list of satisfied clients will give you confidence as we work with you. Landscaping is a big investment, but removing poorly constructed work can be an even bigger cost. We do things right the first time with our talented team, so that you can enjoy your new landscape knowing that it will still hold up for years to come.

Professional Process

We use all the latest in computer generated designs to complement our deep knowledge of materials and plants. We ensure that your ideas turn out the way you envisioned by creating accurate plans and renderings so that our construction crew can turn them into the finished landscape you always wanted.

What makes a great custom landscape firm?

Any landscaping, even as small as a a couple of new trees or some rock borders can improve a yard. When it comes to custom landscapes on a larger scale, it takes considerable expertise to achieve top-notch results. This is what sets apart simple landscaping from custom landscape design.

A cohesive design that integrates the plants, hardscapes, pool, patio and retaining walls is the difference that changes a yard into a backyard paradise. A great design is what leaves someone speechless instead of just excited. We don’t just plant some plants or install a patio, we transform your space, and we like to think that is a pretty important quality when our customers decide to make a substantial investment in their property.

Custom Landscapes are an Investment

When you do it right, investing in your landscaping not only improves the look and feel of your home, it adds value. While the square feet of your home is technically only counted by what’s between the walls, a great landscape can add extra space, because it makes the exterior livable space too.

Landscapes are a Living Growing Improvement

When you remodel a kitchen, it looks incredible for the first few years, then new designs come out and the clock starts ticking. With a well planned landscape, the design renews itself as the trees and plants grow. A solid design improves with time, and we understand that our designs need to take that into account.