Mary Ann K

Browne and Associates recently remodeled our backyard and the side yards to our home When we purchased this 27 year old home two years ago the property was very overgrown with shrubs that hadn’t been trimmed in the past 10 years There were several dead trees in the backyard and the side yard had steps made of rotting railroad ties which meandered in a winding senseless pathway to the back of the house The other side yard sloped and was paved with flagstones which had lifted out of the ground at different levels so that one couldn’t navigate the yard without tripping.

We weren’t aware of the extent of the work required until the spring arrived and we were faced with a mess. This was a very large job Ben’s design was so exciting that we decided to go ahead with the project this past fall. The project included removal of everything in the back yard including most of the topsoil which was full of rocks, Ben’s team built a pergola to provide some shade, constructed a large outdoor kitchen, a fire pit, retaining walls, paver patio, placed the trampoline into the ground, moved play equipment, constructed steps on both sides of the house.

They replaced all the topsoil, shrubs, replaced the drainage system, new sprinkler system, new sod, added mulch, ground lighting etc, etc. The workers led by the foreman Cesaer are some of the hardest workers I have had work on any project in my home. Ben and his team are perfectionists, pleasant to interact with and honest in every aspect of the work. We look forward to having Ben back this spring to do more planting. I have recommended him to my son who wishes to redo his backyard and I would recommend Browne and Associates to anyone. His designs are beautiful, the work is very high quality and he is a pleasure to work with.