Bill Clark – “Excellent Work”

We recently bought a nice home with a horribly executed patio. After any number of discussions with unimpressive contractors and so-called experts, we met with Ben Browne of Browne & Associates, and within minutes it was clear we were speaking the same language. Browne had what we were looking for: impressive design and contracting skills, a thorough knowledge of what to plant where and which materials to use, and perhaps most of all a hard-working crew that paid attention to each and every detail. The result was a gorgeous patio that became something of a neighborhood attraction, with an outdoor grill, fire pit, seating walls, stunning lighting design, and great sound, subtly executed.  Equally important, Brown & Associates service after the sale is first rate. After the patio project was complete, Ben and his crew kept coming over and tweaking things: a couple of plants didn’t live up to expectations, stair lighting was too bright, the lighting system had circuit breaker bugs, and several other items didn’t live up to Ben’s stringent standards: each was fixed or replaced without a word – or an invoice: the tasks were suggested by Ben as often as not.

I would be happy for Ben to use us as a reference and a visual example of what Browne & Associates can do.