Choosing the Right Rock for Your Landscape

Whether you are covering the base of a tree, replacing grass in your yard or creating a creative and sustainable living place, the choices of landscape rock are seemingly endless. Advice can be given from an outstanding Landscape Designer like Browne Associates. Let’s look at some of the considerations that help in making up your unique landscape plan.

Size – the space you are working with may define the type of rock used. For example, flagstone is used as walkway in flat areas with large spaces and landscape rock is more often used in spaces that are not walkways as they are not as smooth to transverse over. Lava rock is particularly suitable in hot climates as it withstands heat and sun and won’t fade as quickly as other types. The coverage area is an overall consideration to keep in mind. Landscape rocks of all types, colors and makes are available. Check with your local landscape supplier.

Purpose/Intention – keeping in mind the intention of the rock is important as well. If your intention is to reduce weeds with the addition of a rock landscape or to create a stream, the type of rock is essential. Lava rock versus grey or colored slate, igneous river rock, granite, quartz are among the most available in Colorado but all suit different purposes. Some rocks are better than others for allowing for better water flow like with a stream water feature or man-made creek. Others are best for maintaining low weeds, still others are less about sustainability than purely decorative. The choice is yours. Look at samples in the portfolio section of our website to get ideas for what may work best in your landscape.

Price – Due to the labor involved in hauling and the amount available locally, landscape rock pricing can vary a lot based on the amount needed for your project. Check around for availability and cost as well as delivery availability and options. Over estimating how much is needed to cover the desired area is a common mistake by most “Do It Yourselvers,” so it is wise to consult with a Landscape Designer for more exact estimates before you buy. It is also good to keep in mind that delivery costs extra so if you can pick and haul the rock yourself, you can save a few dollars.

Keeping in mind. that size, purpose and price can go a long way in the planning of an important landscape element – rock. Finding the right rock for your landscape merely takes a little planning and perhaps observation of well done landscape like those found on Browne Associated home page.