Hiring a Landscape Designer

When scoping out potential Landscape Designers there are a number of areas to consider before hiring experts like Browne Associates, for example.
Most Landscape Designers will expect that you may want to see references and even offer to show your their work via a website or a portfolio. They may even offer addresses for you to drive by and view the landscape project personally.
Ask for References. Call approved former customers and ask them about their level of satisfaction with all of the followings aspects of the project. Check the Landscapers credentials. It’s the least you can do to protect yourself.

Cost as a factor. Did the quote come in within the range of the written estimate? Did you find value in all the recommendations they suggested or the upgrades they recommended? Was the overall cost worth the look, use and time?

Timing is a factor. Can they complete the project in the time you wish to have it done? Be realistic with your expectations and with a scheduled finish date. Hold the Landscaper to the plan with reasonable exceptions.

Ask for a specific plan and time line. It seems like a good idea to ask to see a plan of the finished project, what is expected to be completed and in what order, including the costs.

Maintaining the Design. Make sure the plan is something you can maintain from day to day considering the success of indigineous plants, watering plants, and blooming schedules.

Do they work with local vendors for their supplies? Consider asking to see their vendor list and determine if they support local vendors for the rock, soil, lighting, etc. that is used on the projects.

Keep in mind, there is more than just availability and cost to consider when hiring a Landscape Designer. See the list above for some solid ideas to ask and consider first.