If you are looking for patio design or landscape remodeling in the Denver area, Browne & Associates is the expert you will want to hire to work on your patio project! Flagstone is an excellent material we recommend for Denver patios. The Colorado climate tends to be a bit unpredictable, making it difficult to find durable construction materials for a patio. Browne & Associates has been landscaping in the Denver area for numerous years, allowing for us to already know what works best in the dynamic Colorado climate.
Flagstone is a popular choice for Denver patios and is a highly recommended material for creating patios. Flagstone makes for a great material choice when considering how you want your patio to look and suit your home. What’s fantastic about flagstone is that it comes in many different colors, shapes and sizes. This allows us to give you the exact patio that you had in mind. Homeowners often rave about how easy their flagstone patio is to maintain. Generally all it takes is some sweeping and a quick wash with your garden hose and you will be able to keep your patio looking great and new all year long.
Did you know that flagstone has actually been the preferred material of choice when constructing patios and even walkways for many centuries? When a material has been around that long and people are still recommending it, you know it’s a great choice!
Whether you are looking to have an entire patio redesign or would just like to install some updates, Brown & Associates is ready to jump in and help you. You have the ideas, we have the experience and materials – let’s get started! Give us a call directly at (303) 623-0544 and request a consultation. We are looking forward to working with you.