Mini Landscapes

Designing and implementing mini landscapes can be great fun and a wonderful family project. These mini landscapes are best set in small rock gardens, window boxes or even flower pots. Such an amazing array of shapes and sizes allows for a painters palate of choices.

In container planting, arranging taller plants in the center and work outward. Echeveria, sedum, tall grasses and poppies are great options. choose pots with great drainage and keep in mind the plants sunlight requirements. Also, choose plants that are have good texture, different shaped leaves and flowers as well as colors that pop against the houses color. Ceramic containers may cost a bit more but are worth purchasing for their durability and richer look than plastic. You will want to pick more annuals than perennials since they will need to be replanted each season/year. This can gives you another look for the next season.

Window box garden can be a longer planning project. You want to consider the view you are creating from the inside of the house as well as the outside. Consider the symmetry of the plants as you place them in your container. This makes for a balanced look from the outside. It’s nice to have some trellis plants of vines like those created from sweet potato vines, lobelia or cascading petunias. Think of these containers as mini landscapes you are creating for the sheer view and your enjoyment. Check with your local garden center for window box options.