Principles of Landscape Design

Features of Great Landscape Design
Browne Associates does not just want to be your one time landscape service; they want to have repeat business and a trusting relationship with you regarding your landscape needs and desires. After all, your home is more than an investment, it is often your most serene oasis.
Several principles are taken into consideration when offering exceptional Landscape Designs. Let’s take a look at these key principles.

Simplicity: Simplicity and variety work together to balance each other. Simplicity refers to the degrees of repetition rather than constant change, creating unity. Variety is diversity and contrast in form, texture, and color preventing monotony.

Balance and Unity: Utilizing the above concept, make choices in plant and flower types that create balance and harmony to you when you look at examples provided to you by you Landscape Designer. Using the same plants on the left side of the landscape as the right will create formal balance.

Sustainability: Being able to maintain the landscape with little maintenance and utilizing organic locally grown gardening materials and native plants is key to having your landscape survive into the future.

Cost: Although very individual and often dependent on the scale of what you choose for your landscape, cost effective perennials vs. all annuals can be the way to go. A good Landscape Designer will keep cost in mind at each decision and inform you of where you are at with respect to your budget along the process of developing your landscape plan. Ideally you can ask for and receive a cost estimate based on a landscape design plan upfront and stick closely to it until completion.

Scale: Low scale will create relaxation and feelings of calmness whereas High scale tends to promote action or movement and tends to be used around large buildings and more open spaces.

Form, Texture, Color: all key components in achieving a well-designed landscape. Simple color schemes are good choices either varying the shades or contrasting opposites for flair. Being too monochromatic is not favorable to a lively looking landscape. This is truly where Browne Associates excels at offering great options for your unique yet well balanced garden or yard.

Keeping in mind a few key principles and elements within your landscape design is important. Managing these principles to create well designed landscapes, does not happen over night. Utilizing the expertise of a truly successful Landscape Designer like Browne Associates will prove an even better investment.