Raised Flower Beds

Raised flower beds have grown in popularity with more than the 55 plus club. They are utilized often in many communities, as they are eye catching, easy to layout, simple to change and manage not to mention make for a tidy area for your favorite beautiful plants.

A raised flower bed can be as simple as a six by six rocked off area or a more elaborate larger space framed by brick or other material found at your closest garden center. Whether your design starts small or large, keep in mind the desired outcome. Is it merely to catch the eye, serve as a separation of yards or to make it easier for Grandma to bend over and weed between her favorite sweet smelling roses or herbs? Also keep in mind the depth. This will help determine which plants will be more suitable for the height you are looking to fill. It can also determines the cost and the time to maintain it. Plants used in a larger raised beds many require different watering schedules so keep in mind that similar perennials may be more suitable.

Some raised beds are an expression of a theme in color or style. Options are endless with varying shades of red or pink flowering plants needing shady or direct sun options. Asian themes, flowers that creep and cascade amongst tall decorative grasses can be designed as well as plants requiring less fuss yet hold their blooms throughout the summer months.

Sketching out your ideas or utilizing online help may be a good way to layout the many options. A good drawing or plan is easier to manage than a haphazard attempt that needs to be revisited every year. Of course, utilizing a landscape designer is also a great, worry free option. When deciding on the plants to use, try to choose plants that vary in height and color as well as bloom time. Positioning the taller plants in the back and the smaller ones up front will allow for a well balanced look. Always choose well drained soil and plants that need a well drained area. Raised beds often get more significant air so you will want to keep this in mind as well.

Raised flower beds are an amazing addition to any space and can be a great source of joy. Keeping the garden easily manageable at a height that works for you with plants that are simple to maintain or require minimal watering and trimming effort, is a satisfying option. Express your creative side with your raised bed garden and utilize mostly colorful perennials along with a few annuals so you can make few changes yearly and this option will become a low maintenance and highly functional beautiful garden year after year.