Water Features

Water features have gained great popularity beyond the typical bird bath these days. In fact, water features can become a focal point of an entry way or a yard’s landscape. Water features are delightful additions that are not just a great investment but hold beauty and intrigue year round.

Considering the material of an outdoor water feature is key. There are many to choose from such as: granite, copper, stone, fiberglass, rock, ceramic, glass, stone and carved slate. Material type will denote price as well.

Sizes are also important to consider and will primarily range from 36 inches to 60 inches in height with varying shapes and widths. Larger water features are typically used in entryways and medium and smaller water features are used in gardens or yards and on patios. Recycling the water source is also essential to keeping this an attractive and cost effective options for your landscape.

Style is wise to consider as well depending on the design or theme you are looking to fulfill in your yard. A Landscape Designer can offer suggestions in keeping with an elegant look, more rustic or even western. Some other trends to consider are solar powered watered features or water falls and fountains. These require practically no maintenance, use minimal water and are self regulated by the sun. Perfect for Colorado gardens. Several companies manufacture these right here in Colorado.

It is clearly a matter of choice when it comes to adding a water feature but rest assured the choice is solid for ease of manageability, low investment and increased ambience of your yard, garden or patio.