Vines are Fine

Annual and Perennial Vines are a great option for creating height, privacy and lovely blooms in your garden. Several are fast growers while other start out slow. Most do best in full sun but some relax and grow better in the shade. Check out your local nursery or ask a landscape designer for more information and make a plan considering the location, height the plant will reach and the soil composition of where you intend to plant these lovely vines.

Better Homes and Gardens printed an article featuring their best Annual Vines at Several of the following Annual Vines were mentioned:
Morning Glory – a fast growing vine producing blooms in purple, blue, pink and white. Vines climb to 15 feet or more and they like a sunny spot to grow.
Moon Flower – a morning glory type but it bares fragrant white flowers that open at night rather than day time.
Cardinal Vines – fast growing producing red, pink, or white blooms with feathery foliage. Start early in the season as they tend to have a short season of bloom.
Cypress Vines – produce red, white or pink blooms and close in the afternoon. These can be started from seedlings but be patient, they will take up to 4four months to bloom.
Spanish Flag – colorful red, yellow and orange blooms with clusters of flowers. They start out red but fade in color. They may reach 12 feet and prefer full sun.
Nasturtiums – wildly popular with small jewel toned yellow, apricot and cream edible blooms. They can grow up to 6 feet in height.

Several Perennial Vines include:
Trumpet Vines – originally native to S. Africa and a slow grower at first but orange, red trumpet blooms are well worth the wait.
Honeysuckle – grows fast, smells sweet and tolerates poor soil.
Clematis – a little fussy at first but once rooted well, lilac blooms are prominent throughout summer.
Wisteria – also popular and impressive with lavender, white, blue or pink blooms.
Sweat Pea – offers springtime fragrance in literally every color but dies out when hotter temperature of summer arrive.
English Ivy – suitable in pots and planters with hardy small white veins that turn purple in the cold weather.
Bougainvillea – a hardy vine that does best in hot temps and sun with low water needed but only hardy to 30 degree F. An amazing vine with incredible southwestern flare and bright hot pink in color.